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Jain Temple in Nainital

1. श्री दिगंबर जैन मंदिर

2. श्री दिगंबर जैन मंदिर
रेल बाजार, हल्द्वानी

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  1. we are planing 21 April to visit mussoorie.please provide infornation & avebility jain DHARAMSHALA & BHOJANSHALA .we are 2 adult & 2 child

  2. want contact number of jain mandir nainital

  3. v r planing to come to nainital on 10th may’14. v like to know abt dharmshala & bhojanshala.. thanx.

  4. jai jinendra
    We are planing to visit Nainital from 6th to 8th of june (4 adults and 4 Kid). .Kindly inform us regarding the availability of Jain Dharmashala and its location in Nainital.

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